Anyone can transform their life by changing perceptions and thoughts about themselves and their life. Mental, emotional, and physical wounds can be healed through techniques I've used to transform my life. Like all people, I've experienced life-changing events that negatively affected my beliefs about myself and the world around me. Not until I realized that life was not a struggle, but I was my own worst enemy, did my life change.

I was born, a Native American orphan, adopted by a white family. I struggled with my sexuality for many years. I married, had five children by the time I was 25. I then divorced, and it wasn't just a divorce, it was a divorce from a lifestyle that my church and society had created for me. I was depressed and had no money, but I eventually did find a way to move forward.

Pat Linn | Quantum Healer | QHHT



After my divorce was final, I was promoted from a driver to management and ultimately assigned to work in Greenwich, CT, where I obtained a position in the corporate offices of UPS. Going from a driver to corporate in a short time was a surprise for me. My life-changing surprises were not over, though, and more was to come. I would travel the world, lead assignment teams in implementing computer systems around the world.

In 1996 I was assigned to work in UPS's regional office in Brussels. I would be the director of call centers for 17 countries and would be responsible for over 1,200 people. I was also allowed to bring my daughters along. I loved my life but battled fear too, not fear of anyone, or anything, but fear of myself, "Did I deserve this?" seemed to be around every corner.

I became accustomed to my lifestyle, living in a penthouse, private schools for my daughters, and flying first class overseas. It was a beautiful life, and the most beautiful thing about it was, it was a life I always dreamed of but never thought I would live.

Eventually, I was assigned to work at our corporate offices in Atlanta. I lived in a beautiful home on an acre and drove a Porsche. But, I felt I needed to break out in some way, experience life to the fullest. For me, that meant getting out of my long-term relationship of ten years and spending a lot of money having fun.

I did blow through life like a hurricane and through cash too. Eventually, owing tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes. And due to a mistake I made at work, I was demoted and working in domestic services, no longer in international.

I was now 50 and bankrupt. Bankruptcy set a reasonable schedule for me to pay the IRS, and I paid back every cent I owed. My payments were several thousand dollars a month, and even after the bankruptcy was satisfied, the IRS came back and said I owed $20,000 in interest not included in the bankruptcy.

My life changed due to the tremendous pain I had experienced. I had been knocked down a few notches in my social status. I rode the bus and train to work and stood out at the bus stop as my friends of many years drove home in their expensive cars to their million-dollar homes.

To say that a miracle happened would be putting it mildly, but it did. One day, my daughter sent me a video of Dolores Cannon, and what she said made sense to me. I had a QHHT session eight years ago, and my life transformed in ways I never thought possible. I became a different person and learned to love my life.

After 37 years at UPS, I retired and became certified in this healing technique. I genuinely love my work as a QHHT practitioner. I especially love seeing the changes in my client's lives. How they transform themselves into creators of their life, not just reacting to life's circumstances.