My goal is to get every question answered by exploring past lives and accessing your Higher Self to answer questions. 


Please print or write out questions; don't bring the list on a device like your phone or iPad. 



Sessions last between 3 to 5 hours depending on your needs.

  • Your session will be audio-recorded. If you have a recording device, feel free to bring it. Your session is a private session where confidentiality is essential, and you are free to discuss anything you wish. No one else is allowed with you in your session, providing a safe, comfortable environment for your session. 

  • During your session, we will discuss your questions and concerns, and we'll talk about allowing yourself to be guided into a peaceful, relaxed state. I will guide you to past lives or other experiences. Your Higher Self will determine which experiences to show you to help you in the very best way we can. Once we have explored your life experiences, we will bring forward your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self knows everything about you and can heal mental, emotional, and physical problems.  Your Higher Self is loving and honest.

  • I will go through your list of questions and in most cases, get answers for each one. We will also ask your Higher Self to heal you, which has become my favorite part of the session because I have seen the healing that can take place in just one session. Healing can remove blocks, allowing yourself to create the life you want. You can experience the spiritual power you have to heal yourself and create the life you want. YOU are healing yourself in this guided experience. 

  • The power of this experience is that YOU (the Higher Self) tell YOU (the conscious self) what the root causes of the issues you are experiencing and how to heal them. I am only the facilitator assisting you in this process. I will do everything in my power to work for your greater good and give you the tools you need to move happily forward in your life.  An opportunity to show you that all answers lie within You!​

A List

Prepare a list of questions you would like your Higher Self (subconscious) to answer.

Prepare Your Questions

Make a list of health and personal questions you want to be answered, and bring these with you to your session.

Prepare Your Mind

Getting ready to have a pleasant conversation with your higher self. Start repeating to yourself several times a day, "I DO connect to my Higher Self easily."

Prepare For A Successful Session

On the day of your appointment, do something that puts you in a calm place like a walk, soothing music, or meditation. Clear your mind as much as possible.  Have a light snack before you come in and minimize your caffeine intake.